ASCII Knitting

This page helps you turn your secret message into a knitting pattern, for the decoding pleasure of your geek friends! It was inspired by various people asking after the old essay HEX and BIN meet my friends Knit & Purl (which I had to recover from the Wayback machine!), and by the decoder hat my lovely wife made for me. I figured the whole process would be much easier if the computer helped out a bit more - after all, what knows codes better than a computer? So, here goes.

Enter the message you want to knit, and the pattern will appear below it. If you want to reverse the direction, flip knits and purls, or change the marker spacing, just go to the advanced settings at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

If you want to share your pattern, just share the link to this page. If you want to get in touch with me, you can get me on Twitter as @kw217. If you're looking for a pattern to use, Zabet's Hubby's Decoder Hat is a great one, but there are all sorts of alternatives. Enjoy!

Enter the text you want to knit below.

Here is the resulting string in binary:

And here is the pattern to knit ( stitches):

Here is what it should look like:


Although it says ASCII in the name, you can use any characters you want - even emoji! - but some will make the pattern quite long. (It uses UTF-8 encoding.) This app is open source - see the license for copyright details.